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Two talented pupils received awards at this year’s Rochford and Castle Point Sporting Awards...

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Year 7 Pupil Prospectus

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Employability for Life

The Employability for Life Charter offers pupils an opportunity to display the standards that employers feel are needed in the world of full time employment.

Our School

A warm welcome to the Sweyne Park School, a very successful academy school in Rayleigh, Essex. From September 2014 our age range is 11-18, with the opening of a new sixth form.

Our school is a safe and happy environment and central to our school is a belief in respect - respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for the environment. We believe that our focus on respect leads to high expectations and excellent discipline, and this in turn leads to the highest possible achievement for each individual pupil.

At Sweyne Park we are determined to provide first class teaching and learning for all our pupils. This aim is supported by our commitment to recruiting and retaining the very best staff, and our nationally recognised programme of staff training. We do our utmost to ensure our pupils achieve excellent examination results. We have a strong commitment to science, whilst providing a broad and balanced academic curriculum with a wide range of cultural, sporting and social opportunities.

We are committed to very strong partnerships between home, school and community members. We believe that the whole community can contribute to motivating and supporting pupils’ progress.

Andy Hodgkinson
MA (Oxon)


Staying Safe

Sweyne Park...
is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share in this commitment.

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Mon 3rd Girls' Drama Day
Tues 11th Sixth Form Open Evening
Fri 21st Inset Day
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Thu 4th Awards Evening
Mon 8th Year 10/Year 11 D&T Trip
Wed 16th - Fri 18th Charity Week
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Football's out as Sierra Leone battles Ebola

Football fans in Scotland and England cheered on their national teams last night, but it'll be a while before followers of the game in Sierra Leone can do the same. A ban on all organised football as the country is just one of the knock-on effects of the Ebola outbreak. Read more...

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