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The Food

          The  food  here  is  lovely.  There  are  a  lot  of
          different  food  options  for  everyone.  There  are

          vegetarian options and you can always talk to the
          canteen  staff  about  allergies  or  ingredients  –
          they  are  always  happy  to  help  you  make  the

          right  choice.  The  canteen  serves  breakfast,
          snacks  and  main  meals.  There  is  always
          something different to try. There are also deals

          to be had, so have a look at the prices and make
          sure you select the meal deals. There are various
          food outlets – the Pod, the canteen, the snack bar

          and  the  salad  bar.  There  is  something  for
          everyone. You can get hot or cold food at any

          time. Don’t worry if you can’t work out the prices
          – the staff there will help you.

          Anna (Year 7)

                                                               Biometric Scanners

                                                               To  pay  for  food  you  will  use  your

                                                               electronic thumb account. Your parents
                                                               will have put money on your account, or

                                                               you can put cash on your account in the

                        You can top                            morning. That way, when you go to pay,

                           up your                             you  simply  place  your  thumb  on  the
                      thumb online                             scanner  and  the  money  comes  out  of

                          or on the                            your  account  automatically.  It  is  very
                          machine.                             easy.  There  are  lots  of  options  for

                                                               breakfast,  break  and  lunch,  so  make
                                                               sure  you  try  them  all.  The  thumb

                                                               scanner is very safe and easy to use.

                                                               Archie (Year 7)
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