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Finding your way

                                                 Secondary  school  can  be  very  difficult  to  get  used  to,
                                                 especially knowing where you are going. Finding your
                                                 way around Sweyne Park is very easy though as students

                                                 and staff will help you find your class. Also, if you get
                                                 lost, everyone at school is very kind and they will help
                                                 you if you get confused. Everyone gets a map in their
                                                 Planner so you can always use this to help guide you.
                                                 There is also an interactive map in the school foyer.

                            Don’t worry too much as everyone is in the same boat and during the first
                            week  the  Induction Assistants  and  Prefects  are  there  every  single  day  to
                            make sure you know where you are going. It is surprising how quickly you
                            do learn your way around.
                                                                                              Amelia (Year 7)
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