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School Subjects

                                                                         Try  to  crack  this  crossword

                                                                         complete      with    the    school
                                                                         subjects you will be studying…


        3.   A great subject for staying healthy, having fun and working on team skills whilst doing

        4.   You carry out fun experiments to help learn about the world around you.
        6.   Learn how to communicate with people around the world.

        8.   Express yourself with a variety of instruments and singing and study how the experts do it
        9.   The chance to study RE, History and Geography whilst using a range of techniques and
             whilst playing at being a detective.


        1.   You find out new strategies on how to work out hard sums easily, while having a fun time
             solving puzzles.
        2.   Try your hand at textiles, resistant materials and creating fabulous food recipes. These are
             great lessons for getting hands on!
        5.   Show off your acting skills whilst making your own productions with your friends.

        7.   It is not all about Shakespeare! You will cover many topics, read books, and write your
             own stories, articles and poems.
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