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Friendships and Settling-in

                             Making  friends  is  easy.  You  just  need  to  find  the  confidence  to  talk  to
                             someone and get to know them. The more you talk to people, the more
                             chance of finding someone with similar interests as you. The more friends
                             you have, the more enjoyable school will be. Good luck and have fun.

                             Owen (Year 7)
                             I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Everyone who starts

                             secondary school is in the same position as you. Most importantly, they
                             will all be wanting and willing to make new, life-long friends. Remember
                             to stay true to who you are and I promise you will make lots of friends in

                             the first few weeks. Share your interests and hobbies with others and find
                             the courage to talk to pupils you don’t know. They will be really grateful
                             that someone has made the effort. Remember, everyone is nervous like

                             you.  You will  soon  find  yourself  talking  to  others  and  that  is  when  you
                             really feel you are settling in.
                             Carys (Year 7)

                        Clubs are a great way to meet new friends. What will you join?


                                                       There are some really good after-school activities
                                                       here that will help introduce you to people with

                                                       the same interests as you. The most important
                                                       thing is to try different things and get involved.

                                                       There are various clubs on offer such as Music

                                                       clubs, IT clubs, Eco-Warriors, Book Club, Pottery
                                                       Club, BSL Club, Rights Respecting, Chess club and

                                                       lots more. Who knows what you might become
                                                       interested in by joining a club. Give it a go.

                                                       Amy (Year 7)
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