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                              When you move up to secondary school there could be a big
                              change in the amount of homework you are set. However, the

                              teacher  will  explain  the  homework  in  class  and  all  your

                              homework will then be set online through Show My Homework.

                              This website tells you what you need to do and when for and it
                              also allows you to message the teachers directly. Your parents

                              can monitor it too, so they know what is being asked of you.

                              There  is  no  need  to  worry  about  homework.  The  most
                              important thing is that you keep on top of it and you try your

                              best. That is all the teachers expect.

                                                             Lewis (Year 7)

            The Teachers

            The teachers are all really friendly at this school and

            they will help you with your work, if you get lost or
            if you have a problem you need to talk about. Your
            form tutor is the first person you go to if you need

            help as they will be with you throughout your time
            at  Sweyne  Park.  Miss  Taylor,  who  is  the  Head  of

            Year,  is  also  available  in  her  office.  Your  class
            teachers will try to make their lessons enjoyable but
            they expect you to work hard and try your best too.

            The key rule that all teachers expect you to follow is
            ‘Respect’.  This  means  that  you  have  to  respect
            yourself, respect others and respect the community.

            We are very fortunate that we have staff in LD, PFS
            and  the  RB  at  this  school.  All  the  staff  really  care
            about all the pupils.

            Kaysie-Louise (Year 7)
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