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Sport at Sweyne Park

           Staying healthy is great. When it comes to P.E. the teachers will try to make
           lessons  enjoyable  and  interactive.  The  P.E.  teachers  do  know  that  not

           everyone likes sport, so they will try their best to make lessons fun. The sports
           change throughout the year, so I guarantee you will find a sport you like and
           are good at. The facilities at this school are amazing. We have a sports hall, a

           gym, an astro turf, a massive field and a swimming pool. The teachers will push
           you  to  try  new  things  as  they  want  to  find  the  best  in  you.  They  are  very
           supportive and well-trained. Of course, there are lots of clubs you can join if

           you  really  enjoy  sport  and  want  to  play  competitively.  Regardless  of  your
           ability, I’m sure you will enjoy sport here.

           Max (Year 7)

           Boys take part in:                                                             Girls take part in:

                 Rugby                                                                          Netball
                Football                                                                        Hockey
                Cricket                                                                         Football
               Basketball                                                                     Badminton
                Athletics                                                                      Athletics
               Swimming                                                                        Rounders
              Badminton                                                                          Dance
                 Fitness                                                                      Gymnastics
                Hockey                                                                          Fitness

                                                 Sports clubs train
                                                  after school and

                                               play fixtures against

                                               other schools. Some
                                               teams even compete
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