Who We Are



G O V E R N I N G   B O D Y
Member-appointed Governor + Trust Member Lynda Walker
Member-appointed Governor + Trust Member Jacqui Clements
Member-appointed Governor + Trust Member Tina Carter


Member-appointed Governor Mike Culley
Member-appointed Governor Mary Roper
Member-appointed Governor Mary Roper
Parent Governor Lorraine Needham


Parent Governor Gillian Hawes
Parent Governor Stuart Chaplin
Teaching Governor Chris Hogg
Teaching Governor Sue Shirley
Headteacher Andy Hodgkinson



All Governors serve a 4 year term:

What we do

The Governing Body is the strategic decision making body of the school.

The school’s Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and the Governing Body works closely with the Headteacher and the staff.

A School Governor will get involved in:

How we do it

Governing Body Meetings are held once a term, usually in the second half of the term. Whole school issues are discussed and decisions and policies agreed as appropriate. All Governors are expected to attend these meetings.

We also have sub-committee which cover specific areas of school management. These meetings are held each half term. Each committee has a chairman, elected annually by the Governing Body. Members of the Governing Body may chose to join one or more committee.

The Committees are:

Governors attend training sessions to support their work and may also attend specific meetings to focus on particular areas for development.

Governors are encouraged to visit the school to monitor and review practices and to offer feedback.

Governors also have the opportunity of accompanying school trips and attending and supporting school events.

Governors can be contacted via the School:

To find our more about being a School Governor, visit: