Trips & Visits

Sweyne Park Trips 2017 / 2018

Residential Trips

* Costs of trips are awaiting confirmation

September 2017 11th Year 13 Media Trip to Sky Academy, Osterley £10
  13th - 16th All School Assessed Expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
(Fee includes Cost of Practice & Assessed Expedition)
  17th-22nd All Years Château de la Baudonnière, Normandy, France £635
October 2017 9th - 11th Year 12 Coastal Fieldwork in Osmington Bay £240
December 2017 3rd - 6th All School German Christmas Markets £370
  6th - 8th KS5 Cern, LHC (Large Hadron Collider), Switzerland £450
January 2018 30th - 2nd February Year 10 & 11 Media Study Trip, Disneyland Resort, Paris £435
February 2018 23rd - 26th KS5 Religious Studies Tour, Rome £650
March 2018 9th - 12th Year 8 Kingswood Activity Centre, Overstrand, Norfolk £155
May 2018 11th - 12th All School DofE Bronze Practice Expedition  
  24th - 25th All School DofE Bronze Assessed Expedition £80
June 2018 4th Year 7 Epping Forest Field Centre £28
  24th - 26th All School DofE Silver Practice Expedition  
July 2018 4th - 6th KS5 Flatford Mill Field Studies 2018 - A-Level Biology Residential £262
  8th - 12th Year 10 & KS5 5 Day Study Trip to Berlin £710 - £730
  10th - 14th All School DofE Gold Practice Expedition  
  20th - 29th KS4 and KS5 10 Day Trip to China £2,180
September 2018 17th - 21st All School DofE Gold Assessed Expedition £320
  16th - 21st KS4 Château de la Baudonnière, Normandy, France £675
October 2018 1st - 4th All School DofE Silver Assessed Expedition £150
November 2018 8th KS4 Romeo and Juliet, Barbican Centre, London £35
  22nd KS3 Macbeth, Barbican Centre, London £35
February 2019 15th - 19th KS4 and KS5 Drama Trip to New York £1305
  15th -23rd All School Ski Trip, Stubai Glacier, Austria £1100
March 2019 15th - 18th Year 8 Kingswood Activity Centre, Overstrand, Norfolk £180
  22nd - 23rd Year 11 MFL Study Trip, Lee Valley £98
May 2019 24th - 1st June Year 9 Acorn Adventures, Villeneuve, Aosta Valley, Itlay £825
June 2019 26th - 28th KS3 Stratford-upon-Avon, Residential £285

Non-residential Trips

* Costs of trips are awaiting confirmation

September 2017 11th   Year 13   Holkham, Norfolk - Individual Investigation £18
  20th   KS5   Guardian News and Media Education Centre   £18
  28th   KS5   The Design Museum   £17.50
  29th   Year 13   UK University Search and Milkround School Leavers Apprenticeship Fair     £12
October 2017 2nd   Year 10   Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Ambassador's Theatre, London £32
  17th   Year 9   Exploration of Sustainability in Cities £14
      All Years   Essex Book Award Launch Trip, Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford Free
  19th   KS4 & KS5   "Things That I Know To Be True", Mercury Theatre, Colchester £30
  20th   Year 11   Human Geography Data Collection Field Trip, Southend-on-Sea Free
November 2017 3rd   Year 13   VIVIT core experience event, South Essex College Free
  7th   Year 11 & 12   NHS Career's Morning Free
  10th   KS4   Operating Theatre Live Workshop, Fitzwimarc School £27
  10th   Year 11   Human Geography Data Collection Field Trip, Southend-on-Sea Free
  13th   KS3   Pretty Curious Workshop, Kent Showground, Maidstone £10.50
  15th   Year 7   Robin Jarvis, Author Visit Free
  20th   Year 12   Day visit to Rayleigh Free
  23rd   KS3   The Woman in Black, Fortune Theatre, London £35
December 2017 5th   KS3   Children's Christmas Lecture & Science Museum Trip £15.50
  6th   All School   Pineapple Dance Studios - Dance Workshop £5
  8th   RBHIP   Christmas Service at Chelmsford Cathedral Free
  12th   Sixth Form   Rise Up Digital Challenge, Chanel 4 Studios, Victoria, London Free
  13th   KS5   "The Tin Drum" Theatre Performance, Shoreditch Town Hall £34
  14th   Year 8   Ice-Skating, Chelmsford £13
  14th   All School   Dobson House Visit Free
  18th   Year 7   Christmas Celebration at Holy Trinity Church, Rayleigh Free
January 2018 17th   KS3   Faraday Challange Day, Wickford Learing Centre £5
  29th   All School   Training for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award  
  30th   RBHIP   Panathlon Event - Olympic Pool, Stratford Free
February 2018 8th   KS5   Philosophy & Ethics Conference £40
  8th   Year 11   The Tate Britain £13.50
  21st   All School   Training for Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award  
March 2018 7th   Year 12   Visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum £7.50
  9th   All School   Training for Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award  
  13th   All School   Essex Book Award Ceremony - Essex Outdoors Centre, Danbury Free
  14th   KS5   Hamlet: Hackney Empire Theatre £30
  21st   Sixth Form   Hampton Court Palace £35
  22nd   KS3   Of Mice and Men Theatre Trip, New Wimbledon Theatre, London £30
    All School Celebration Event at Monkey Madness & Laser Madness £5
  28th   KS5   Event at ARU, Chelmsford Free
May 2018 14th   Year 8   Hanningfield Reservoir Field Centre £17
June 2018 4th   Year 7   Epping Forest Field Centre £28
  7th   Year 7   The Play That Goes Wrong, Mercury Theatre, Colchester £26.50
  11th   All School   The Stories of Willesden Lane, Central Hall Westminster, Storey's Gate, London £13
  12th   KS4   Pineapple Studio, London £28
  18th   Year 7   Rewards Trip - Hollywood Bowl, Basildon £13.50
  19th Year 13 Individual Investigation: Cambersands, East Sussex £12
  21st   Year 12   UCAS Higher Education Convention, University of Essex, Colchester £12
  22nd   Year 9   Ypres £79
  28th   KS5   New Designers Exhibition, The Business Design Centre, London £30 approx
July 2018 3rd   Year 9   The RSPCA Great Debate at he Houses of Parliament £25
  4th   Year 10 & Year 11   Flatford Mill Field Study Centre £38
  5th   Year 13   Leavers' Ball £35
  9th   Year 10 & Year 11   Flatford Mill Field Study Centre £38
  11th   Year 7   The Play That Goes Wrong, Duchess Theatre, London £26.50
  16th   Year 8   Celebration Trip, Colchester Zoo £20
      Year 9   Adventure Island Celebration Trip £19.50
      Year 10   Celebration Trip, Chssington World of Adventure £33
      Year 12   Celebration Trip, Stubbers Activity Centre, Upminster £39
October 2018 3rd   KS4   An Inspector Calls, Richmond Theatre, London £30
November 2018 8th   KS4   Romeo & Juliet, Barbican Centre, London £35


Should you wish to find out more information about any of the trips listed (e.g. when the trip letters will be released/payment details/criteria for selection in the event of over-subscription), please ring the main office who will put you in touch with the relevant Head of Department or Trip Leader.

Expectations of Pupils during School Visits

At Sweyne Park School we are keen to offer pupils a wide and enjoyable experience and school visits can be a valuable part of this experience.

We believe that a school visit should aim:

  • to promote the development of pupils and an appreciation of all that the environment can offer
  • to help pupils to learn a sense of community, good fellowship and unselfishness
  • to allow pupils to spend a planned visit safely, intelligently and happily
  • to help pupils to gain in initiative, resourcefulness and self-reliance.

During school visits staff make a considerable commitment for all the organisation and have responsibility for the pupils. It is, therefore, very important that we are confident that all our pupils will respond in a positive and appropriate manner when on any school visit. In order to ensure that all pupils and staff have a rewarding, enjoyable ad safe visit, we set out the following expectations.

Pupils are expected to:

  • show respect to themselves, others and the environment at all times (e.g. to be reliable, courteous and trustworthy, and to respect local customs and traditions)
  • behave in a way to ensure the safety of themselves and others at all times
  • follow instructions and guidance from staff and other people in authority (e.g. guides, coach drivers, police etc...)
  • have, and use, suitable equipment/kit when required (as specified prior to the visit), be fit to take part in the visit and inform staff of any specific medical conditions
  • report any injury, illness or incident immediately to a member of staff
  • have suitable funding for the purchase of food/drink, admission charges or incidental costs (as specified prior to the visit)
  • promptly follow the correct procedures in the case of an emergency (as explained by staff prior to, and at the start of, a visit).

At Sweyne Park we are proud of our rich extra-curricular offer and the wide range of trips and visits we offer. In response to suggestions from our new Parents’ Forum, we have set out above the trips we currently have planned for 2014-15. Clearly this list is subject to change and the costs given are an approximate indication only. Please note that no trips are obligatory for pupils studying a particular subject, with the exception of the Geography field trip where there is a choice of either Snowdon or the free visit to Southend.

We hope this information will be helpful to families and, as with all extra-curricular events that we offer, should you be experiencing any financial difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the Headteacher in the strictest of confidence.