Continuing Professional Development


Employability for Life at Sweyne Park School

At Sweyne Park School, we have a long standing commitment to ensuring all our pupils are ready for work in whichever career they choose to pursue. Our work related learning was commented on in our “outstanding” OFSTED inspection in 2010:

Since the last inspection, the school has continued to develop the curriculum to ensure it meets the differing needs and aspirations of all groups of pupils…There is an excellent choice of options available including the innovative development of the 'skills base' and hairdressing salon, which is built into the curriculum in Years 8 and 9.

In 2007, we launched “The Employability for Life Charter” after consultation and collaboration with the Essex Chambers of Commerce and Petroplus. The aim of the programme was to ensure that every young adult leaving Sweyne Park School could be an exceptional future employee, by evidencing various attributes, such as punctuality, smart appearance and communication skills, no matter what their academic qualification.

The programme’s success was highly regarded by all stakeholders and in 2010, Essex County Council formally acquired the programme from Sweyne Park School and became part of the LEA’s vocational strategy for 14 – 19 pupils.

We continue to run the Employability for Life programme in school for all pupils in key stage 4. Pupils evidence their work skills over the two year period; this is then moderated in school and finally certificated by the Essex Local Education Authority at the end of key stage 4.

'Additionally, we now also run the Employability for Life Charter PLUS which has been written to meet the growing needs of our students as they progress through KS5. The criteria for Charter PLUS has been written to reflect the different pathways and learning opportunities for post-16 learners.