Continuing Professional Development


Sweyne Park School: Year 6 into Year 7 Transition


At Sweyne Park School, we have worked year in year out to improve and refine the experience of pupils moving from primary to secondary school, which is a very special period of time in any child and parent’s life. We believe the success of transition plays a huge role in influencing a child’s later success at secondary school.

We have a highly experienced permanent Head of Year 7 whose entire responsibility revolves around managing the move from primary to secondary in the smoothest possible way and ensuring that pupils' first year at secondary school is a success. Our aim in securing a smooth transition experience for everyone involved sets out to ensure that:

  • Pupils feel happy and confident about moving to secondary school
  • Parents are reassured about the process and have all the information they need to know to help their child make a positive start at the new school
  • Form tutors, subject staff and specialist staff at Sweyne Park (for example our Special Needs Coordinator and Hearing Impaired Base Coordinator) have all the information they need about the new pupils to be fully prepared for their arrival in September of each year

Each year, Sweyne Park staff coordinate with between 20 – 25 primary feeder schools across the local area to manage all the complex aspects involved in transition to ensure that all children’s experience is as stress free as possible. In the summer term, our Head of Year 7 and one of the Deputy Headteachers visit as many of the primary schools as possible to meet pupils and to start the process of transition. In this first meeting, our Deputy Headteacher begins by talking about our all-important school ethos of respect, and this very much sets the tone for the way forward.

These are just some of the areas we coordinate with feeder schools for all stakeholders:

Pupils – we have a comprehensive package in place for pupils. We listen to the views of our year 7 pupils to find out how the process could be improved for them year on year. Innovative aspects for our transition offer include our nationally recognised e-mentoring scheme and our summer term induction programme.

Parents - we work hard to ensure that parents are fully informed and involved in the important decisions about where to send their child for secondary schooling and what they need to know and do once their child’s place at the school is confirmed. Events on offer to parents include Open Week tours with members of the senior leadership team to see the school at work; welcome packs; academic induction meetings with senior staff after a settling in period

Primary School Teachers: We communicate regularly with our primary school colleagues to ensure we have that all the information we need to settle children in successfully to the new school examples include children’s friendship groups, academic achievement and other important information, for example, about special needs.

Sweyne Park Staff: Our permanent Head of Year 7 works hard to ensure that all subject teachers, form tutors and support staff at Sweyne Park receive all the information they need to meet the needs of the year 6 pupils from the moment they start at Sweyne Park. This includes attainment data from our primary colleagues about the progress pupils have made in key stage 1 and 2; important information about pupils’ social skills; cognitive ability test results to inform teachers’ planning; taster lessons on pre-start induction days to enthuse and excite children about the new subjects they will be doing at Sweyne Park.

If you would like to find our more about our offer and the support we can provide to develop school induction systems, please contact Deputy Head, on 01268 784721 or e-mail her at