e-mentorsWhat is the ‘e-mentoring’ Project?

The ‘e-mentoring’ project started in October 2007 with twelve Year 7 pupils and three primary schools, Riverside, Downhall and Glebe.

Its aim is to give extra support to pupils to ease the transition between primary and secondary school. Year 6 pupils send us their questions by e-mail and the Year 7 pupils answer them. As a result pupils’ natural fears and concerns can be allayed and instead they feel reassured and excited about coming to Sweyne Park.


Setting Up the Project

The Year 7 pupils received training on the types of questions they might be asked by the Year 6 pupils and how they would reply to them. They also attended an on-line safety session where they considered the possible dangers of communicating via e-mail.

Small groups of the ‘e-mentors’ visited the primary schools to give a short presentation to Year 6 pupils, that included role play and PowerPoint presentations. A poster including their photograph and names was left at each school so the younger pupils would know with whom they were communicating.

A new e-mail account was created, with limited access, to ensure the safety of the pupils using the scheme.


Where are we now?

The scheme is now well established and has achieved national recognition. All pupils joining Sweyne Park can make use of this facility whilst still in Year 6 by registering with the school via the Acceptance Form that is sent out in March.