KS3 Curriculum Guide



drama production -Alice in WonderlandIn Drama the emphasis is placed on the pupil learning through experience. It is important that pupils value the process of creating as well as the product. Ideas are shared through role-plays and improvisation. Pupils are given the opportunity to present rehearsed and polished role play, scripted work and at times spontaneous improvisation. Constructive discussion of all work is always encouraged and enables pupils to reflect on work done.



Below is a broad outline for each year. The skills employed are not to be seen as exclusive to each year, rather they are to be built upon throughout Years 7-9

In Year 7 the focus lies upon involving the pupils in the Drama process. A key tool will be the use of their imaginations. Drama allows its participants to go anywhere, be anyone.

Topics include: Storytelling, Convicts, Space Travel, The Wall, ‘Barry’ and Physical Theatre.

In Year 8 the pupils look at how Drama relates to their own experience. They learn to use the Drama form to explore important issues.

Topics include: The Escape, Genre, The Lord of the Flies, Slavery and Character.

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drama production - Alice in Wonderland


In Year 9 the pupils are given greater autonomy over the form and content of the Drama. They should begin to manipulate the form for their own purposes.

Topics include: Homelessness, Craig and Bentley, Dreams and Nightmares, Addictions and Prejudice.



In all years pupils are continually assessed. This is essential if pupils are to see areas of weakness and improve them. Pupils will also have a practical exam.


drama production -Alice in Wonderland

Home Learning

Home learning includes a variety of tasks but always relates to the work covered in class that day or during the topic. Home learning is set one week and handed in the next


Beyond the Classroom

Various Drama clubs run throughout the year to enable a variety of performances to take place.

There are theatre trips organised at various times of the year and the Department makes an effort to bring in theatre companies to the school to work with the pupils on site.


drama production -Alice in Wonderland 

How Parents Can Help

Parents have an opportunity to join the existing parental support for Drama, not only watching their children perform, but also by helping with costumes, props and even scenery. The Department is always looking for new costumes and props and any donations will be gratefully received. Parents can also discuss with pupils the work they are doing in Drama to help them reflect on their progress and the meanings and issues involved in the work. Parents can also encourage and support independent theatre visits.




Securing Success

Parents will be notified by letter or telephone of any serious concern experienced by the department regarding a pupil’s progress and level of achievement. Following such contact there will be an opportunity to discuss matters further in person. Should parents feel their son/daughter is not making progress, they should contact .


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