KS3 Curriculum Guide



studying mapsThe course is designed to stimulate an interest and enjoyment in the subject in addition to preparing pupils with the knowledge, understanding, skills and independent thinking required for success in Key Stage 4 Geography and beyond.




All pupils are taught in set classes. Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have three one hour lessons every two weeks. Year 9 pupils have four one hour lessons every two weeks. The following topics will be covered in these lessons:



Year 7

  • Cartographic Skills
  • The UK
  • Ecosystems
  • The Sweyne Park School Enquiry
  • Consuming Resources: Food




Pupil progress is tracked based on classwork, home learning and end of topic assessments. End of topic assessments may take the form of a formal test, structured exercise or individual assignment work.

Each year group is formally examined at a time designated by the examinations officer. This (in addition to classwork, home learning and end of topic assessments) is used to formulate pupil levels at the end of each year. Year 9 formal examinations have a close link to GCSE syllabus and examinations. This helps pupils familiarise themselves with GCSE examination formats, so that likely attainment at Key Stage 4 can be gauged, and pupils can make an informed choice for their GCSE subject options.


Home Learning

Home learning is essential to preparing for and supporting learning within the classroom environment. Home learning activities, within Key Stage 3 Geography, aim to extend knowledge and understanding of key features and processes; improve use of geographical skills; develop pupil literacy skills; and evolve creativity and independent thinking.

Home learning is set on a regular basis throughout Years 7-9. Each home learning slot should equate to 30 minutes. Some pieces should only take 30 minutes to complete whereas other pieces may be spread over 2 or more slots (equating to 1 hour or more).




Beyond the Classroom

The department is committed to offering Key stage 3 pupils an opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

– Cartographic skills and weather at the Epping Forest Field Studies Centre.

– Water and cartographic skills at Hanningfield Reservoir.

– Sustainable Cities at The Crystal at the Royal Victoria Docks, London.




To support pupil progress, parents/carers can encourage pupils to complete home learning to the best of their ability in the time given and give opportunity to read as widely as possible to enhance their general geographical knowledge. There are also a wide range of educational geographical documentaries available on popular television channels! Geography Key Stage 3 revision guides are also advised to further support classroom learning.


Securing Success

Key Stage 3 Geography support sessions are held on Fridays between 3 and 3.30pm in the Geography Department (HU9). These are aimed to be drop-in sessions for any pupils requiring extra clarification on their learning, assistant with their home learning, or with an interesting geographical question they wish to discuss.

Class teachers may also request that individual pupils attend one or more Key Stage 3 Geography support session(s) to further improve the pupil’s geographical learning. Parents/carers will be made aware of this through the pupil’s planner and/or a phone call home.


Subject Leaders

If you have any queries or wish for further information about Geography please contact Miss Portsmouth (in charge of KS3 Geography) or Mrs Wimpenny (Head of Geography).