KS3 Curriculum Guide



What is History? Why should we study it?


Lest we ForgetThrough their historical enquiries at Sweyne Park, pupils will develop their understanding of history across different time periods, and begin to explain reasons for, and the importance of, change. As well as developing their knowledge of key historical events, pupils will also explore the reasons why people’s ideas about historical figures and events differ.  Pupils learn to use sources to help them understand how evidence is used to learn about the past, and will be encouraged to consider the causes of events, their significance and their results. Through this programme of study, pupils will also begin to develop their awareness of social, cultural and moral concepts.






In Years 7 to 9, a combination of classwork, home learning projects and specific assessment assignments and tests will be used to support the pupils in their learning. Pupils will be awarded levels, in accordance with the school system, reported home at times throughout the year. We also believe that the pupils should be given opportunities to reflect on their progress.  They are encouraged to identify their own areas of strength and development, in order to set targets for improvement. Each pupil will be expected to complete all tasks to the best of their ability.


Home Learning

BoudiccaAn hour of home learning will be set per week and is an integral part of the course. The department uses a system based on a combination of individual home learning tasks and projects, where pupils have the opportunity to complete an extended assignment based on the topic area being studied.  This will enable students to develop study skills that will be essential at GCSE and will develop their historical understanding. The assignments are carefully structured and supervised by staff.

Beyond the Classroom

We believe that we work within an exciting subject area and we wish to share that sense of enthusiasm with our pupils. We have established a programme of visits, within the curriculum and the school’s Education Extra programme, to provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom. For example, each year, as part of our study of World War One, we take a group of Year 9 students to the town of Ypres in Belgium.  Pupils have the opportunity to visit significant places associated with the war and also lay a wreath at the Menin Gate on behalf of the school.   We also run ‘History Hunters’ a history Activ8 club which promotes personal historical interests and encourages pupils to share their love of history.


History HuntersHow Parents Can Help

The department would like to encourage parents to support their son/daughter in the following ways: personal organisation and meeting deadlines, supporting research for a home learning assignment by visiting a museum or historical site and assisting with the collection of resources and, finally, by communicating concerns and questions to the department early to pre-empt any later difficulties.


Securing Success

Parents will be notified either by letter or telephone of any serious concern experienced by the department regarding a pupil’s progress and their level of achievement. Following such contact, there will be an opportunity to discuss matters further in person. Should parents feel their son/daughter is not making progress, they should contact (Head of History), (Head of Key Stage 3 History) or the class teacher.