KS3 Curriculum Guide


There are twenty five periods per week and each lesson will last for 60 minutes.

In Year 7 pupils will study:

ICT is integrated into all subjects in Years 7 - 9. In addition to this pupils study ICT in Science in Society (in Year 7) and in Art in Society (Year 8).


pupil with model castleHome Learning

Home learning is an important part of the work pupils complete at The Sweyne Park School. It is essential for academic success. Specifically, home learning:

All pupils have a Sweyne Park Pupil Planner in which to record their home learning. Parents will receive a separate home learning booklet giving details of the home learning timetable.

This home learning should consist of:

On average pupils are expected to complete one and a half hours of home learning each night in Year 7. This time increases in Years 8 and 9.