KS3 Curriculum Guide



Sailing BargeThe Resource Base offers support to hearing impaired pupils to enable them to integrate and participate as fully as possible in the curriculum and extra-curricular activities offered by the school.


Pupils join a mainstream tutor group and follow the National Curriculum subjects in mainstream classes with additional support in lessons from Teachers of the Deaf, Educational Communicators or Special Support Assistants, as necessary. A small number of pupils is taught some subjects in the Resource Base if they are not able to benefit from studying in a mainstream class.

Pupils may be taught some subjects in the Resource Base and all pupils will have time each week in the specialist Resource Base rooms for tutorials, to consolidate what they have learned in class, for additional speech and language work and to enable hearing aids and radio aids to be checked. A modified French course is offered to pupils in the Resource Base.


Pupils studying subjects in the Resource Base will be assessed on National Curriculum levels of attainment.

The progress of pupils in mainstream lessons is continuously assessed by the subject teacher and support staff.

Additional assessment of all pupils is carried out by the teachers of the deaf and by the speech and language therapist and the county audiologist and educational psychologist, as necessary.

Parents and pupils are informed of progress via the Home/School Book, the yearly report and annual review meeting, and through their involvement in the termly Individual Education Plan.


Home Learning

Pupils will be set Resource Base home learning each week and will be offered assistance in tutorial time with any subject that they have difficulties with.


Beyond the Classroom

Pupils will be encouraged to join in clubs and activities in school, including sign language classes, and to take part in trips organised by subject departments. Information is given to pupils about external agencies for deaf people, including those which provide opportunities for pupils to join in activities for young deaf adults.


Sailing BargeHow Parents Can Help


Securing Success

Regular liaison takes place between teachers, support staff, parents and outside agencies to monitor the progress being made by pupils.



Head of the Resource Base for Hearing Impaired Students –

Parents should report any concerns to or to the Resource Base teacher with day-to-day responsibility for their child.