KS3 Curriculum Guide



As a Science School it is a priority to present pupils with opportunities to explore the great many ways Science impacts the modern way of life. The Science in Society programme for Year 7 pupils is designed to investigate current scientific issues whilst encouraging a wide range of thinking, research and ICT skills. Pupils will be able to make use of the network rooms to enhance and practice their Information and Communication Technology skills.


Science in Society is taught in modules lasting approximately six weeks. Pupils will rotate amongst four teachers with specific interests and expertise. Much of the study will involve group work and will develop ICT skills.



Pupils will design:

  • An interactive multimedia presentation detailing a journey through space
  • A database organising information about endangered animals
  • A leaflet describing the roles and activities of the Science department
  • A website exploring and investigating GM foods.

In addition, pupils will be taught how to effectively research topics and evaluate these sources of information.


Pupils will be assessed through the quality of their work presented to the group in the final session of each module.


Home Learning

Home learning will be set to research and develop ideas that may feed into the final presentations.


Mobile phoneBeyond the Classroom

The course is deliberately flexible in order to enable pupils to develop their skills. It is hoped that the course will be complemented by activities offered as a Science School. Pupils will be using the ICT facilities to learn the essential ICT skills. These new skills are introduced to pupils with careful co-ordination with the ICT department, so that learning is followed by opportunities to practice.

The programs the pupils will be using are:

  • Word 2010 (Word Processing)
  • Publisher 2010 (Desktop Publishing)
  • Excel 2010 (Spreadsheet)
  • Access 2010 (Database)
  • PowerPoint (Presentation)
  • Dreamweaver (Web Design)
  • Fireworks (Graphics)
  • Flash (Illustrator/Animator)
  • Science in Society

Pupils have access to computer resources from 7:45am to 5:00pm every day. A high standard of printing is available and students are encouraged to word process project work.


How Parents Can Help

One way in which parents can help is to ask frequently ‘What are you learning’? and to discuss the scientific issues being explored. Secondly it would be valuable to share in some of the research opportunities using a wide range of resources including books, magazines, newspapers, the internet etc. Also it is intended to have pupils present aspects of their work at special events; your support would be greatly appreciated.

Parents should read and discuss the school’s guidelines on using the Internet ad sign the Internet agreement. Used correctly, a computer and printer at home can greatly enhance children’s learning. However, the school does provide excellent ICT facilities, which are available to pupils throughout the school day.


Securing Success

We shall be monitoring the effectiveness of the modules and seeking to make them exciting opportunities for learning.



A wide range of staff with different subject specialisms are involved. The course coordinator and contact is .