The Sweyne Park Times




Many congratulations to Libby (9MAt), who is this year’s winner of the Library’s Annual Poetry Competition. As always, it was difficult to choose from the many excellent poems submitted, but Libby’s poem Nightmare, impressed us with its clever imagery and depth.
Congratulations also to our runner up, Tilly (8DGo) whose poems came a very close second. We particularly liked Talking, in the style of Roald Dahl, which was really entertaining,



It came,
I could feel it coming but there was no way,
No way I could prepare myself for what might happen next.
It came like a lion hunting their prey.
It’s not there one minute
And the next
It’s got you by the neck, ready to bite
Bite into your worst fears
And make them a reality.
The feeling is horrid.
Sweat drips down your forehead,
You begin to feel like you can’t turn back.
You try to force it away,
But it resists.
You finally wake with a scream
Then when you finally drift back off to sleep
It continues right where you left off,
Until you can’t sleep.
You sit in your bed huddled up in a ball.
And waiting
For what might come next.