School Uniform


Property that is clearly marked with the owner's name is more easily returned when lost. Please put your name clearly on all your property.

Boy's uniformGirl's Uniform

  • Sweyne Park school tie
  • Sweyne Park jumper
  • Light collared blue shirt
  • Plain black woven fabric, non stretch, tailored, regular fit trousers or plain black knee length tailored skirt in school style
  • Black ankle socks, black or flesh coloured tights
  • Sensible leather/man-made shoes (Trainers, boots, stilettos, platforms or heels higher than 5cm (2 inches) are not acceptable)
  • When necessary - a plain outdoor coat. (Waterproof and sensible for school wear. Denim is not acceptable)
  • Earrings - one small, plain stud in each earlobe is allowed. Visible piercings, other than in the earlobes, are not acceptable
  • No other visible jewellery should be worn except an inexpensive wrist watch
  • Any make up should be discreet so that it is virtually unnoticed
  • Extreme hairstyles and hair colours are not acceptable 



A SPS black rainjacket is available as an optional extra for all year groups.

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