Sweyne Park Olympic TV news reporters in gold winning performance


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For several weeks, four Year 8 and Year 9 pupils have been making a TV news report with the BBC, about the forthcoming Olympic Games and how it will affect this corner of Essex. Callum and Charlotte in Year 9, and Billy and Victoria in Year 8, were chosen from more than 30 hopefuls, recommended by their tutors, to make the film. The project is part of the BBC’s annual School News Report event.

The members of the team have been working with Mr. Jarvis and BBC TV News Reporter, Stuart Maisner. They have learned broadcast journalism skills, such as planning, scripting, storyboarding, interviewing, directing and producing. They had to decide what information to include in the news report, who to interview and which camera shots were needed. It was a surprise to the pupils how much preparation was required to make even a short two minute news item, but their hard work has resulted in a great visual showcase for the school and the Olympics.



There were two locations for the filming: Sweyne Park School itself and the Olympic Mountain Biking Venue at Hadleigh Farm.

At the school, the group decided to film and interview: Mr. Hodgkinson about the excitement building in anticipation of the games; a group of pupils who had worked on an Olympic radio broadcast; some Year 7 boys who had been practicing their high jump skills; an Olympic-themed textiles project which created giant tapestries of international flags; and a group of pupils who were asked how they felt about the games coming so close to us.



At Hadleigh Farm, there were shots taken of the mountain biking course and an interview was recorded with Councillor Stephen Castle of Essex County Council, about how the Olympic organisers were persuaded to bring the event to Essex and how the course was created. The reporters, Charlotte and Billy, also had to record ‘pieces to camera’ by memorizing a small part of the script and speaking directly into the camera lens.

The completed film was shown on BBC1's regional news programme 'Look East' on Tuesday 13th March. You can watch it here, as well as on the BBC News website:


The completed video

The completed video


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