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Eco Warriors logoEvery Last Scrap, Recycle all your paper, not just newspaper and magazines. Every tonne of paper reused leaves 17 trees standing, looking beautiful and working hard to absorb CO2 on our behalf.

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Show your cans who is boss, recycling just one aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV set for three hours!

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The Greenhouse Project

eco warriors at workAt the moment the Eco-warriors are hard at work in the greenhouse. A little while ago we tidied it ready for the busy planting season and since then we have been in there on a weekly basis, planting and watering. We are hoping to get some lettuce planted in the vegetable patch over the next week. We currently have growing in the green house four different type of salad leaves, peas, 3 different varieties of tomato, squash, marrow, courgette, potato, raspberries, cabbage pepper and chilli. The weather has been very dry recently and we need a lot of help watering. If you are keen to help let one of the Eco-warriors or Miss Hann know and you can join in and become an Eco-warrior.


Blue Tit Competition winner

Blue Tits Nesting BoxBefore the summer half term 2011 we ran a competition to name Mr & Mrs Blue Tit. We had a lot of entries and after a lot of deliberation we have decided the winner. Congratulations to , who named Mr Blue Tit and to Damian 8AJa for naming Mrs Blue tit .

We are really proud and excited to have the blue tit family living in the bird box we won from British Gas Generation Green. It was put up just before the nesting season and we feel very lucky to have them resident especially as it is the first year we have had a box.


The Saving Planet Society.. a pupil voice activity to give everybody an opportunity to get involved in green projects. If you become an Eco-warrior you can have a say and maybe influence changes in the school, to make it a greener, more environmentally friendly and sustainable environment.

If you would like to join in see in Tx2 or turn-up after school on Tuesdays for our weekly meeting, also in Tx2.


A Massive Plea for Assistance!

We would like to re-launch the recycling in September, but we need dedicated eco-warriors to convince and manage their tutor classrooms. Recently Rochford District Council has announced that anything that is recyclable can be put in the same bin. We would like one bin in each tutor base to dedicated to just recyclables and a smaller bin for non-recyclables. If you are interested in getting your tutor group involved please let Miss Hann know in Tx2.



We currently recycle the following:

  • Paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium cans- recycling area outside and some classrooms.
  • Textiles –In the Bertie bin outside
  • Food – In the canteen and in Food technology
  • Mobile Phone and inkjet cartridges–Collection point in the library
  • Batteries- Collection point in reception, staff room and library

A big thank you to everybody who has been involved and supported the recycling scheme!


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