Employability for Life

Employability for LifeWelcome to the Employability for Life page

On this page you will find links to the charter standards, exemplar sheets, and the power point used to launch in our assemblies.

The Employability for Life Charter offers pupils an opportunity to display the standards that employers feel are needed in the world of full time employment.

The Charter will endeavour to ensure that every school follows the requirements below:

The Charter has many benefits for pupils. It accredits the standards that the majority of pupils use on a daily basis with regard to communication, behaviour and attitude towards their studies.

The Charter also benefits the employer, who will know that when a pupil presents their EFL Charter at interview, they will have reached a required standard and have the certificate as evidence of their achievements.

There are also huge positives for schools if pupils can successfully achieve a recognised level. The accreditation will give ‘currency’ to all the standards that schools expect of their pupils on a daily basis and which are outlined in the school rules.

The evidence is then moderated by Head of Year and tutors, with the Head Teacher then discussing individual cases to ensure Quality Assurance to the Charter. Our school will also meet with the local cluster schools to discuss progress in each school and possible areas of development.




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