Pupil Voice

The School Council representatives for 2017 - 2018 are:




Clearly at the end of this year they move up a year group, so there will temporarily be no Y7 or Y11 representatives.

School Council Members meeting Rt Hon Mark Fracois MP at Parliament, July 2011
School Council Members meeting
Rt. Hon. Mark Francois MP at Parliament, July 2011

The School Council is an elected body consisting of two representatives from each year group Y7-Y11. Elections take place in October/November, with pupils campaigning during the week building up to voting day. On voting day, pupils can vote at any time before school, after school and at break and lunchtime, in the Hall. Once elected the School Council meets every week and discusses any issues that arise, including exploring a range of projects around the curriculum. There are also Suggestion Boxes for pupils to communicate their ideas to their representatives.

The School Council has:
Initiated the planning for extension of Taster Sessions as a part of Y9 Options to focus on subjects that pupils have not studied previously.

  • Decided the Jack Petchey Award Winners.
  • Provided a judge for the First Give Competition.
  • Contributed thinking behind the new planners and Show My Homework.
  • Contributed to the organisation of various debates in school.