Pupil Voice

At Sweyne Park we know how important it is to listen to the views of our pupils. There are a number of ways we do this. For example, we ask pupils once a year to fill in a questionnaire about the school and we interview groups of pupils regularly whenever we want to change something in the school. We also have a number of exciting pupil groups, such as our “Pupil Think Tank”. However, the main way all pupils can ensure their voice is heard is via the Year and School Councils.

School Council Members meeting Rt Hon Mark Fracois MP at Parliament, July 2011
School Council Members meeting
Rt. Hon. Mark Francois MP at Parliament, July 2011

The School Council is an elected body consisting of four representatives from each year group. Elections take place in October, with pupils campaigning during the week building up to voting day. On voting day, pupils can vote at any time before school, after school and at break and lunchtime, in the Hall. Once elected the school Council meets every two weeks and discusses any issues that arise.

Examples of things which have happened as a result of Pupil Voice include:

  • Changes to some schemes of work in subject areas
  • New improved canteen food and facilities
  • Extra pupil seating
  • This new website!

School Hustings take place week commencing 12th October 2015

School Council elections 23rd October 2015.

The School Council representatives for 2015 - 2016 are:




There is also a network of Year Councils, where each tutor group has two representatives who meet once a month on the Year Council. Each Year Council will discuss whatever issues have been raised by their tutor groups, as well as having a specific focus for the year.

Each Year Council has the following foci for 2015:

  • Year 7 To be decided
  • Year 8 Pupil Voice on the VLE
  • Year 9 The School’s External Environment
  • Year 10 Communication
  • Year 11 Leaving Project