Sixth Form

Admissions Criteria for entry to the Sixth Form

Students are required to attain the minimum GCSE Capped Average Points Score (CAPS) of 332 points from his or her best eight GCSE results, with at least Grade 5 in English and Grade 5 in Maths for Advanced Level entry. A Capped APS of 280 points will be required to follow Vocational Courses. Please see the table below to help you calculate your points score.

The GCSE Capped Average Points Score (CAPS) is a points total which counts a student’s best 8 GCSE grades including English and Maths. Add your best 8 grades together using the points awarded on the following scale:



English and Maths only:

A*   58   Grade 9 58  
A   52   Grade 8 58  
B   46   Grade 7 52  
C   40   Grade 6 46  
D   34   Grade 5 40  
E   28   Grade 4 34  
F   22   Grade 3 28  
G   16        


Minimum subject entry requirements