Sixth Form EPQ

Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ affords our students the opportunity to navigate your own learning in a subject of your choice at length, and acquire the independent learning and research skills sought by University Admissions Tutors. They are supported by our highly qualified staff mentors to be creative thinkers, reflective researchers and effective self-managers, in order to support their learning across all subject areas.

Study skills workshops are provided across Year 12 to introduce the research skills required. Students then plan, research and write their project across 15 months, and present their findings to a staff panel, reflecting the process involved in the completion of a postgraduate qualification. Students are encouraged to take part in collaborative sessions where research is discussed and shared among an exciting and emerging research community within the school.

The EPQ can be considered as an enrichment opportunity, offering students the chance to explore some of the research facilities available at university level. It is also an opportunity to forge long term connections with organisations willing to support students’ areas of interest. It is naturally excellent preparation for both undergraduate and postgraduate study. Some universities will even lower their entry requirements for students holding an EPQ qualification:

Existing and prospective students who are interested in the EPQ should contact Mrs Jenny Clements via e-mail at