Sixth Form Exams

Exams and Exam Policy

A Level examinations are the most important public examinations you are ever likely to sit, as they ultimately determine your range of university and employment options during Year 13.

Sweyne Park Sixth Formers begin A Level courses in either three or four subjects in September of Year 12, and sit examination papers in each of these subjects during the Summer Term. We took the decision in early September to phase out AS Level entry across the next year, in line with the national trend. The key reason for this was that most departments feel that preparation for the AS exam impinges upon the time required to prepare for full A Level. However, a small number of departments have decided to retain the AS until 2019 in order to offer students a sense of stepped progression between GCSE and full A Level. In subjects where the AS exam is not offered, all students will sit an internal end-of-year exam in July.

The results achieved on these AS papers and end-of-year internal exams are of huge importance, as they have a bearing both on predicted grades for university applications, and on suitability for exam entry at A Level in Year 13. The majority of students will ultimately complete three A Level subjects alongside their Extended Project Qualification.