Sixth Form

Information for Parents

At Sweyne Park we value very highly the relationship between home and school. As the Sixth Form is a crucial stage in a student’s development, regular communication between home and School is of paramount importance. It fosters common understandings and promotes both curricular and extra-curricular progress and development.
Dr Robertson and Mr Woods run a Year 12 Parents’ Surgery on a fortnightly basis, every other Wednesday (Week B) throughout the school year from 1.30pm until 3pm. Ms Banks also runs a Year 13 Parents’ Surgery on a fortnightly basis, every other Thursday (Week A) from 9am until 11am. This represents an ideal opportunity for parents to raise any questions or concerns they may have regarding their child and the progress they are making.


PresentationYear 13 Consultation Evening Invitation (Thursday 23rd November 2017)


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Sixth Form Bursary

The Sweyne Park Sixth Form 16-19 Bursary Fund provides financial help to students whose access to or completion of education may be inhibited by financial difficulties.